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STM past´present and future


The concept Sea Traffic Management is developed and used in many different Projects.

Current Projects

STM Validation

Validates the concept, the infrastructure and the services by showing the benefits in practice on 300 ships, in 13 ports, 5 shore centres and 12 connected simulator centres.

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STM project map


Previous Projects


This Project defined the STM concept. It assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the current maritime ship- and transport systems, operations and interactions, and defined a target concept and key performance indicators for four STM strategic enablers: It also developed the route Exchange standard and the European Maritime Simulator Network.

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The idea of route exchange was tested ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore. Ideas of shore based services were conceived and the Maritime Cloud was tested.

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MONALISA in ice: Route exchange ship to shore from a ship deep in the Arctic was succesfully tested. That connected ship could serve as a base station for sharing information about other ships in its vicinity.

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