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The Maritime Cluster in Hamburg – gets a bite of MONALISA for breakfast

Published: May 14, 2014


On a Tuesday morning in May at the Business Club Hamburg, Anisa Rizvanolli from Fraunhofer presented Sea Traffic Management. With plenty of time for the session, the questions and discussions were many and varied.

How difficult will be to convince the ships to share their routes?The answer from a representative of a ship manager company was really interesting: It won’t be a problem for them, if STM and Voyage Management will really lead to reduced costs and more safety.

Questions arose regarding the new regulations and processes coming from STM will be implemented, and if they will be forced from the IMO.

Special interest was shown from representatives of software solutions-companies, regarding ECDIS, Data-Format for the Route-Exchange and whether the developed concepts are going to use the actual systems on ships or if there will be totally new and especially for the STM purposes developed hardware.

Anisa Rizvanolli, Fraunhofer

Anisa Rizvanolli, Fraunhofer

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