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MONALISA & MONALISA 2.0 Joint Event – Presentations

MONALISA & MONALISA 2.0 Joint Event – Presentations

Published: October 31, 2013

Thank you for participating and/or taking interest in the MONALISA & MONALISA 2.0 Joint Event – 23 October 2013.

During the day we described and discussed the Intelligence at Sea Conclusions and had a Kick-off for the future Sea Traffic Management, Safer Ships and Operational Safety. Our goal is to take maritime transport into the digital age, improving safety, environment and efficiency.

Available presentations:

Session 1 – MONALISA results and conclusions
The MONALISA final film is found as the top video on this website.

Session 2 – Introducing MONALISA 2.0
The MONALISA 2.0 film is found on the MONLISA 2.0 page on this website.

Session 3 – Keynotes

For questions/inquiries please contact:

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