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STM film Services in practice

STM Services in practice, hands-on benefits shown in a new film

Published: March 27, 2017

STM Validation has released its second film which premiered in Oslo at the Integration Workshop in the beginning of March. The film describes STM more from the onboard and shore-based users, showing the STM Services in practice.

M/S Validator is sailing from New York to Umeå, Sweden. By using the STM Route Template Service during her voyage, she benefits from several STM Services and interacts with a shore centre and the arrival port. She creates a complete voyage plan, avoids replanning at a later stage and shares the information with selected parties. M/S Validator can safely reach her destination in sync with the port, plus significant fuel savings.

STM film Services in practice

Some of the STM Services shown in the film are:

– Route Template Service
– Route Optimisation
– Ship-to-ship Route Exchange
– Monitoring Service
– Port call Synchronization

Take five minutes to view the real benefits of STM:

Watch the STM movie!

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