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Sea Traffic Management gets good grades at e-Navigation underway North America

Published: April 06, 2014

Over 100 delegates were present at the first regional e-Navigation underway conference in Vallejo, California, USA. A good balance of global and regional speakers created a positive atmosphere. The audience was impressed by the presentation by Captain Ulf Svedberg on Sea Traffic Management (STM), and several follow-up meetings were booked: “It feels like STM is picking up speed in North America as well”.

 “This is just what we need for the future!” and “What a cool project MONALISA is!” were comments from cadets of the California Maritime Academy. Capt. Svedberg almost felt like a rock star when the student ‘fans’ surrounded him after the ‘performance’: “The enthusiastic response from the students strengthens the thesis that STM could help make maritime jobs more attractive for younger generations.”

David Andersen Camre from DMA and Geir Fagerhus from MARSEC-XL presented Maritime Cloud and the Maritime Internet of Things respectively. Both concepts will play an important role in the STM future. Open standards are a must in order to reach a more efficient maritime logistics chain.

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