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MT Forum in Denmark strongly appreciated Sea Traffic Management

Published: May 03, 2014

In Aalborg in Denmark parts of the Danish maritime technology cluster gathered at GateHouse for a full day of knowledge transfer. MONALISA 2.0 was represented by Captain Ulf Svedberg whose presentation of Sea Traffic Management got high marks in the evaluation.

The concept of a System Wide Information Management (SWIM) that enables sharing of all maritime information among all parties raised the interest in the audience. This game changing concept brings a whole new spectrum of possibilities for new services. Moving the maritime industry from point to point information exchange to a more internet-like sharing environment, a Maritime Cloud, will enable the reaping of benefits for maritime safety, improved efficiency in the whole logistics chain and have a positive effect on the environment.

The maritime technology providers look forward to the new digital maritime world with more business opportunities bringing value to their customers.

UlfSvedberg at MT Forum

Ulf Svedberg presenting STM

Interested audience at GateHouse in Aalborg

Interested audience at GateHouse in Aalborg


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