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MONALISA – the most well-known woman present at Maritime Women: Global Leadership 2014

Published: April 02, 2014

“We’re not supporting women, we’re supporting the Maritime Sector and its human beings.” said Pamela Tansey, Senior Deputy Director of the IMO.

 “Ignoring half population for jobs in maritime industry is like playing poker with half deck of cards” said Björn Kjerfve, president of World Maritime University

 “It is not about women, it’s about talent”, said Professor Olga Delgado, of UPC and MONALISA 2.0, and illustrated it in her presentation, together with Kjell Ivar Övergård.

Talent at MWGL

The equality was reflected in the audience as well where approximately 50% of the almost 300 delegates from 74 countries were men. The need for women in the maritime is no longer a subject for a small community of women in the maritime, but it is recognized as being vital for the future of the whole industry. As answered Prof. Olga Delgado when interviewed by IMO for its upcoming official movie, future innovations from new technologies will represent new opportunities for women in the maritime, such as Sea Traffic Management, which can attract new generations of seafarers, and help create more shore-based jobs, which retain the talented people in the industry, when they are looking for more regular working hours. MONALISA 2.0 was fully explained to Pamela Tansey and Karine Langlois, the new IMO Communication Officer.

Prof. Olga Delgado and Krystyna Wojnarowicz also held poster presentations, when the delegates mingled in an exposition area. The MONALISA posters really made people stop in their tracks and start talking to the presenters. We made several interesting connections, e.g. Panama’s Ambassador to the IMO, A.I.D elgado. Karin Orsel, Vice Chariman of International Chamber of Shipping, and H.E. Lina Shbeeb, Ph.D., Minister of Transport, Jordan.

MONALISA 2 the point

MONALISA 2 the point

Rear Admiral Sandra Stosz of the US Coast Guard learns about MONLISA 2.0 from Prof. Olga Delgado.

Rear Admiral Sandra Stosz of the US Coast Guard learns about MONLISA 2.0 from Prof. Olga Delgado.


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