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Atlantic stakeholders discuss real-time evacuation

Published: January 21, 2015

Four hundred Atlantic experts learn about MONALISA 2.0

City of Porto

City of Porto

The Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference gathered around 400 experts from the Atlantic Arc regions to discuss a variety of issues from tourism to maritime safety and from renewable energies to aquiculture in order to network and study potential participation in European projects. The European Commission hosted the event in Porto.

In the session on Real time evacuation systems on passenger vessels and safety at sea, Mr. Rafael  García Méndez, Director of the Maritime Training Centre Jovellanos presented this training institution and José Manuel Diaz Pérez, Training Manager at the Centre, introduced MONALISA 2.0 project and the SafeEscape application, going from the general to the particular aspects.

The impression made was reflected in a great interest in networking discussions and an overwhelming demand for the project one-pager brochures

The successful presentation in Porto was referred to when discussing future participation in the Safer Sea conference in Brest. The French participants in Porto recommended the Brest organisers to have several MONALISA 2.0 presentations.

Mr. José Manuel Diaz Pérez

Mr. José Manuel Diaz Pérez



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