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Identity Registry

STM Validation Project uses the Maritime Cloud for Identity and Service registry

Maritime Cloud-BETA is to be found at http://management.maritimecloud.net

Maritime Cloud-TEST is to be found at https://test-management.maritimecloud.net

Under Adminastrative routine you will find how to set up an account and how to log in.

MC has two environments. Production or Beta version and Test.

Remember! Always use Chrome.

Organisations and users are created in the Production-MC and can then be used in both.

Find more informationon how to log in to the Maritime Cloud on: http://manual.maritimecloud.net/#login


Updated: 2017-02-20

Identity registry

To register an organisation.

Goto: http://management.maritimecloud.net/#/apply

Please use Google Chrome browser.

Fill out the template, check  “Enroll the organization via STM”

You will soon get a mail back with login. Now you can go in and create certificates for your organisation.

In your profile you will see your mrn. Please check that there is a STM namespace in your mrn.

First time you log in please follow the guide below.

Ever after:

For Beta version:


Press: Log in; MC-production; ProjectTestUsers


For Test version


Press: Log in; ProjectTestUsers


To add users in your Organiastion:

Log into Maritime Cloud with the original user.

Click "User" In the left side panel

Add user

The new user will get an email with credentials.

Updated: 2017-02-17

Find API to Id registry in json here!



Updated: 2016-11-17

  • For questions regarding the Identity reistration platform please contact: tgc@dma.dk
  • For questions concerning STM use the form under Q&A


Updated: 2016-11-17

The Maritime Cloud identity platform is set up by EfficienSea2. Please find the guidelines here: