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Professional mariners wanted as test participants

We are now looking for professional mariners (active or recently active Masters, Mates, officers and maritime pilots) to participate in a study about the new e-navigation Sea Traffic Management (STM) applications for use on the bridge.

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STM has developed and created a network of interconnected simulator centres in several EU countries – the European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN). This network enables testing of Sea Traffic Management in complex traffic situations, port approaches, confined waters as well as other functions, like Search and Rescue, as a safer alternative to live testing.

Dates for the simulation

Four simulation campaign weeks using the EMSN are presently scheduled during 2017 and 2018. The first 2 simulation weeks in the campaign will run exercises with today’s available bridge equipment (without STM). During the last 2 simulation weeks the scenarios will be re-run with additional STM supporting tools, services and functionalities. The scenarios will be held in the South Western Baltic and an area in the English Channel/Southampton in various conditions and with or without the use of STM applications. Choose both which center and which date you wish to participate (please note that you can only participate one day even though you can apply for several dates). Reimbursement differ between the centres, for further information contact the center in question.

Session 1

14 November

17 November


Session 2

6 February

9 February


Session 3

13 March

16 March


Session 4

12 June

15 June


Simulation centres

Chalmers/Swedish Maritime Administration, Göteborg


Hörselgången 4
SAGA plan 2 och 3
412 96 Göteborg

​At Campus Lindholmen there is Sweden's most extensive simulator centre for education and research in shipping. 5 Transas bridges connected to the EMSN need to be manned and participants will receive a remuneration package but no allowance for travel or accommodation. Participants are requested to be at the centre at 0830 hours until about 1700 hours.


Reto Weber
+46 72 158 55 77

Sikkerhetssenteret, Rörvik


Hansvikvegen 3
7900 Rørvik

At Rørvik Maritime Safety Center (Sikkerhetssenteret Rørvik AS) we have the most advanced simulator for marine training.
5 of our simulator Transas bridges connected to the EMSN need to be manned.
Participants are requested to be at the center at 0830 hours until 1700 hours.

Thomas Edvardsen, 0047 411 60 628

Aboa Mare, Turku


Novia UAS / Aboa Mare Maritime Academy
Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21
20100 Turku

Aboa Mare Maritime Academy has full mission bridge simulators with real equipment and instrumentation, same that can be found on a real ship. Aboa Mare is taking part in EMSN with 3 state of the art full mission bridge simulators that need to be manned. The participants have the opportunity to take part in an exciting, large scale international simulator exercise with other simulator centres from around the Europe. There will not be financial compensation, but lunch and coffee will be provided. The participants are requested to be at the simulator centre from 09.30 untill approx. 18.00.

Johanna Salokannel
+358 44 762 3182

Hochschule Flensburg, Flensburg


Maritime Centre University of Applied Sciences Flensburg
Kanzleistraße 91-93
24943 Flensburg

The Maritime Centre at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest and most state-of-the-art simulator centres in Germany and connected to the EMSN since 2016. It consists of six ship's bridges, thirty-three training and seminar rooms, a ship's engine room simulator, a ship security trainer, and a variety of computer-based teaching labs. Interested STM test volunteers are invited to contact us regarding further detailed informations about participation requirements, test schedule and renumeration package. Hochschule will participate in the first three simulation exercises but not in the fourth one.

Mrs. Viola Skibbe
+49 461 805 1228

Fraunhofer CML, Hamburg


Schwarzenbergstraße 95D
21073 Hamburg

Fraunhofer simulation details to be announced.

Hans-Christoph Burmeister
+49 40 42878-6131

Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton


Newtown Road
Warsash SO31 9ZL
United Kingdom

At Warsash Maritime Academy’s Bridge Simulation suite, two Kongsberg Bridges will be connected to the EMSN for the main exercises, requiring participants to be onsite from 07:30-16:00 possibly requiring an overnight stay. Up to four Bridges will be utilised for shorter scenarios, timings to be confirmed. Participants will be compensated for their time and travel expenses from within the UK.

Claire Pekcan, +44 (0)23 8201 4145

Centro Jovellanos, Gijon


CSMI Centro Jovellanos
Camin del Centro de Salvamento, 279
33393 Veranes – Gijón
Asturias – Spain

"Centro Jovellanos” takes part as a member of European Maritime Simulator Network (STM UE Project), contributing with 4 bridges. In order to carry out some tests, Captains and Deck Officers are invited to participate in next exercise. Workday starts at 09:00 until around 17:00 including lunch break. Participants will receive a small gratification, not including travel nor accommodation.

If you want to sail with us, please contact:
Carmen Cuesta

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona


Parc de Recerca i Innovació de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Parc UPC - NT3. Carrer L'Escar 6-8,
08039 Barcelona

UPC Barcelona is taking part in the EMSN with 3 state of the art bridge simulators that need to be manned. The participants can take part in an exciting, large scale international simulator exercise with other simulator centers from around the Europe.

Coordinator and contact:
Augustí Martín

Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz, EG Terschelling West


Dellewal 8
8881 EG West-Terschelling

At the Maritime Institute we will have our Bridge Simulator which consists of two Kongsberg Bridges connected to the European Maritime Simulator Network for the project exercises in the Baltic and the south of England area , potential participants should be available from 07:30-16:00 possibly requiring an overnight stay.

Wibbo Hofman w.j.hofman@nhl.nl‎
Anne Bergsma anne.bergsma@nhl.nl

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