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Paper: Ship traffic management route exchange: acceptance in Korea and Sweden, a cross cultural study MONALISA (1), Paper

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Paper: Ship voyage plan coordination in the MONALISA project: user tests of a prototype ship traffic management system MONALISA (1), Paper

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Paper – Dynamic route planning in the Baltic Sea Region – A cost-benefit analysis based on AIS data – Maritime Economics & Logistics MONALISA (1), Paper


Cost Benefit Analysis of Route Exchange; MONALISA Final report 2014 Deliverable, MONALISA (1)

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Impact on Affreightment; MONALISA Final report 2014 Deliverable, MONALISA (1)

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IMO Paper 2014 April – Results and recommendations from the MONALISA and MONALISA 2.0 projects MONALISA (1), MONALISA 2.0, Paper

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MONALISA Brochure Brochure, MONALISA (1)


Legal Impacts, Final Report: 02 April 2013 Deliverable, MONALISA (1)


MONALISA progress report: October 2012 MONALISA (1)


TP 5 Inspection of certificates in the Baltic Sea Area: September 2012 MONALISA (1)


Attitudes to automatic registration of certificates, TEN-T project, September 2012 MONALISA (1)


Call to Port Process, Preliminary study: August 2012 MONALISA (1)


MONALISA progress report: 30 May 2012 MONALISA (1)


Bennett report: Evidence of False Seafarer Certification: January 2012 MONALISA (1)


Concept for Activity 1: Dynamic & Proactive Routes or “Green routes”: January 2012 MONALISA (1)


Verification system of maritime certificates, TEN-T project, December 2011 MONALISA (1)


Strategic Action Plan MONALISA, Final version: 09 November 2011 MONALISA (1)


MONALISA progress report: October 2011 MONALISA (1)